Early Career Academics to be leaders in $10 million Grand Challenges

Register for our Early Career Academic collaboration discussion meeting on the ANU Grand Challenge Scheme, find out more here!

In other news:

NECTAR Retreat 2017 film clip out now


Program on line Download the PDF here

At the NECTAR retreat Prof Brian Schmidt invited NECTAR to write more ‘well structured’ letters to him, like the one we wrote on the Futures Scheme. He said that this letter challenged him to rethink the scheme. Now we have several other letters to write.

Continue this discussion at the next NECTAR events

NECTAR has been invited to nominate candidates and speakers to a number of important discussions, find out more on our news page.

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Why get involved with NECTAR…

Attending NECTAR events and joining in project development are great ways to meet Early Career Academics (includes PhD students and Mid-Career Academics) from across ANU. Take charge of your own network, develop your ideas, build confidence, and acquire some of the skills and knowledge to lead the future.

Family members are actively encouraged to attend.

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Image from NECTAR Retreat 2016

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