NECTAR is an independent space created by, and for, Early Career Academics at ANU.  It is a direct channel of communication between ECA and the University Executive, effecting changes that ensure ANU continues to be an attractive workplace for early career academics.

How does NECTAR function?

NECTAR is bringing effective change and improvement to the University for early career academics by presenting formal proposals directly to the Executive. Ideas can be proposed by any early career academic who will champion the discussion, preparation and presentation of the project. Ideas are further sought and shaped through workshops and working groups. You can at any time join a project in progress.

ANU support for NECTAR

NECTAR could not achieve its goals without support from the University. The University Executive was instrumental in supporting the development and implementation of NECTAR.  The executive continues to engage with NECTAR though regular meetings and consideration for proposals developed through this space. This support includes authorising access to ANU internal information needed to make the proposal a success, as well as providing project funds and funding for a coordinator, who provides support to NECTAR and our projects.

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