ANU CMBE ECA workshop: ‘Know Your Institution’

ANU CMBE ECA Workshop: ‘Know Your Institution’ — An initiative of the CMBE Early Career Academic Development Committee

Date: March 24
Time: 2-4pm
Venue: Slatyer Seminar Room, RN Robertson Bldg (46)

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Purpose: If you want to get something done, or understand why a particular decision affecting you has been made, you need to understand how your Institution works, and who to consult. This workshop aims to provide ECAs with an overview of the University’s administrative structure, and the lines of responsibility of key members of the leadership team.

Members of the University’s Executive, Office of the Vice Chancellor, and CMBE’s leadership team will join together at this workshop to provide you with an overview of their areas of responsibility, and will answer your questions about how it works and who is responsible for what.

1. Professor Marnie Hughes-­‐Warrington, DVC-Academic
2. Professor Jenny Corbett, PVC Research & Research Training
3. Mr David Akers, CoS General Manager
4. Ms Liz Eedle, Executive Officer to the VC.

What do they do, and why?
What are the best and worst parts of their jobs?
Do YOU aspire to a position like this?

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