College Contacts

NECTAR has a network of individuals right across all seven ANU colleges. These early career academics are an important contact point when you want to know more about NECTAR, or perhaps have a great idea to share with other early career academics in your college or with the wider ANU ECA community.

The College Contact role principally involves disseminating info on NECTAR events in your College from time to time, to answer questions about NECTAR in your college, and to try to attend at least one lunch meeting a month if you can, to stay in touch. As a college contact, you might also communicate ECA initiatives and issues of wider relevance going on in your college.

If you’re interested in this role, please do let us know. Contact the NECTAR Coordinator to express your interest:

More about NECTAR’s College Contacts

Sophie Baker NECTAR Coordinator
Dineke Schokkin CAP School of Culture History & Language
Georgia Pike CASS School of Music
Huda Al-Tamimi CASS Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies
Hilary Howes CASS School of Archaeology and Anthropology
Abu Kibria CASS School of Archaeology and Anthropology
Liz Allen CASS Research School of Social Sciences
France Meyer CASS Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies
Katharine Balolia CASS School of Archaeology & Anthropology
Idione Meneghel CBE Research School of Economics
José Zapata CECS Research School of Engineering
Steve Lee CECS Research School of Engineering
Chris Browne CECS Research School of Engineering
Narjess Afzaly CECS Research School of Engineering
Tom Worthington CECS Research School of Computer Science