Dedoose Workshop — Analyzing qualitative and mixed-method data using technology – Monday, February 8th

Dedoose workshop: Analyzing qualitative and mixed-method data using technology

Presented by Dr Eli Lieber, with support of ANU Crawford School of Public Policy and NECTAR, ANU Early Career Academic Network

Date: Mon, Feb 8
Time: 2 – 4 pm
Venue: Barton Theatre, Level 1, Crawford School (Bldg No. 132), ANU

Dedoose is an intuitive, low-cost, cloud-based analysis tool for the management, integration, and analysis of text, video, audio, survey, and other data.
• Equally useful for those working from traditional qualitative or more comprehensive mixed-methods perspectives.
• Perfect for individuals/teams, students or experienced academic researchers in any discipline.
• Dedoose analytic features and interactive data visualizations support efficient and credible research.
In this introductory session, Eli will discuss technologies for managing qualitative and mixed-method data; provide a brief overview on the history and driving factors behind the development of Dedoose; and tour the typical tasks and the key Dedoose Workspaces. Participants will gain a fuller appreciation for the history and evolution of these technologies, a solid introduction to Dedoose functionality, and a clearer sense of how Dedoose features can be of value to their work.
You are invited to bring your laptop and follow along with Eli as he demonstrates Dedoose functionality.
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