Early Career Academics to be leaders in the ANU Grand Challenges Scheme worth up to $10 Million

1 March 2018 NECTAR gathers to discuss 

ANU Grand Challenge Scheme guidelines 2018 now online

ANU’s Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt has announced that the ANU Grand Challenges Scheme (now open) will be granted to teams with leadership from a ‘high proportion’ of early to mid career academics.

“This scheme should create leadership opportunities for Early Career Researchers and thus platforms for future funding.”

This scheme will favour unique interdisciplinary collaborations.

Prof Schmidt says he wants this scheme to “expose the next generation of researchers and scholars to the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration”.

Nevertheless, Early Career Academics have contacted NECTAR expressing private concerns that the ECA of ANU will be sidelined in the grab for this money bag.

“The professors in our school are putting together a proposal and I think they are just going to add some names of Early Career Researchers to their scheme but after they get the funds who knows if there will be any leadership opportunities for us!” They said.

What do the guidelines say on this scheme, do I hear you ask? They can be found here.

Basically they say established research leaders can be included in this scheme to provide guidance and support to develop future leaders.

NECTAR Custodian, Sophie Baker, wants to know how Early Career Academics are going with this scheme. Are you putting in a proposal and do you need collaborators or help? Are the established leaders around you supportive? What are the intractable problems you are facing? And would you like any support from the NECTAR team?

“I propose a meeting for Early Career Academics and Researchers to discuss this scheme at the next NECTAR social gathering“. Early Career Academics and their family members are actively encouraged to attend. Register for free food.

Submissions for this scheme are due on the 24th of July by 3 min video. Need help with that? Ask NECTAR.

Images of the NECTAR Early Career Academic Retreat

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