From the Coordinator – NECTAR 2015 Retreat Wrap Up!

Sincere thanks to everyone who participated in NECTAR’s 2015 ANU Early Career Academic retreat and helped to make it such a success! There was lots of positive feedback received over the course of the 2-day retreat, and lots of appreciation for the valuable advice and support of leaders in the field and the opportunity to engage and share experiences with fellow ECA peers.

ANU Early Career Academics were treated to presentations from leading figures in the university sector, including Prof Aidan Byrne (CEO ARC), Prof Anne Kelso (new CEO NHMRC), Prof Ian Chubb (Australia’s Chief Scientist), and at the ANU from DVC-R Prof Margaret Harding, Prof Kiaran Kirk (Dean CMBE), Prof Jan Provis (Assoc Dean ANU Medical School), Prof Michael Martin (Prof of Statistics CBE & Promoting Excellence Team, CHELT), Glen O’Grady (Director, CHELT), Prof Peter Kanowski (Master University House & Prof of Forestry, Fenner School). Participants were truly privileged to have the opportunity for direct dialogue with these esteemed leaders in the field and NECTAR acknowledges the support of all the guest speakers who gave of their time and offered their advice to current Early Career Academics.

We also heard from ECA peers involved in the inaugural ANU Early Career Academic Fellowship program established by University House (Dr Hilary Howes, Dr Anne-Sophie Dielen, Dr Niraj Lal, Dr Adam Henschke, and Dr Aparna Lal), and those involved in the Education Fellowship Scheme run by ANU’s Centre for Higher Education, Learning and Teaching (CHELT) (Dr Chris Browne and Dr Anna Von Reibnitz).

All up, it was a fantastic 2 days to celebrate the talent of ECAs at ANU, to discuss the current challenges facing ECAs, and to think through opportunities for the future.

NECTAR will gradually provide further feedback and highlights from the retreat at our website, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some photos from the retreat, below. Enjoy!

Dr Michelle Antoinette, NECTAR Coordinator







One thought on “From the Coordinator – NECTAR 2015 Retreat Wrap Up!

  1. From a NECTAR 2015 retreat participant:
    “Hey Folks,
    Thanks for an outstanding world class retreat. I am pretty impressed what’s going on at ANU in regards of ECRs. I will def stop by and provide some feedback in person.
    In the meantime here are some links about stuff going on in the US tackling the exact same problems. Might be good to share resources and help each other. As Ian [Chubb] pointed out yesterday there is a lot we can learn from each other across countries. Not everything will work one-to-one but success stories can be adapt[ed] to the Australian situation and vice versa.

    eLife article about the UC postdoc union.
    F1000 article about ECR work in the US.
    and a great event from UCSF everyone can learn form. Fact based arguments to improve ECR situation.
    video of event ->
    See you soon and thanks again.”

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