HealthHack Medical and Health Hackathon, 14-16 October

HealthHack is a a weekend hackathon aimed at solving problems in medical research or any other health-related field using digital technology to improve performance and provide better service. This means that if someone has an idea that would benefit their research or daily work that could be solved using computers, but they don’t have the skills to develop the solution him/herself, they should come and participate in HealthHack. We are looking at anything from building an app to track down certain habits in patients or gather some other data, better data management and visualisation protocols, software tools, etc. More information can be found on the website, which will be continuously updated as we approach the event on 14-16th Oct:

Interested participants can register their interest online, but it would also be good if they could contact us directly at (cc’d) to give us more details about their project. We can then help to define the problem to fit the HealthHack format and give further assistance when it comes to pitching at the event itself. There will be an official Eventbrite registration form opening 4-6 weeks prior to the event. Both students and staff are welcome to attend, as well as any health workers you know might be interested.

HealthHack is an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting people from the innovation/start-up community. The event will be hosted by CBR Innovation Network. It is an event driven by the enthusiasm of its participants and it’s quite amazing what can be done within those 48 hours. It can help to discover an innovator within people who never thought of themselves like that or serve as a proof of concept for some long-term projects.