NECTAR Sponsorship of ECA-led Initiatives

One of the goals of NECTAR is to support diverse ECA-led initiatives.

NECTAR now sponsors ECA-led initiatives at ANU with up to $1,000 (subject to budget availability). Any ECA of ANU can apply for NECTAR Sponsorship by submitting a formal application to at least six weeks before the start of the initiative. The application should outline how the requested funds will be used and address the following criterion:

The initiative needs to deliver to the key purposes of NECTAR, and in particular should "foster open communication and collaboration across campus between ECAs and the broader University community".

Initiatives that meet the above criterion would include, for example, workshops/conferences that are open to and likely to attract ECAs from all areas at ANU, or at least three ANU Colleges, and are at least in part organised by an ECA or a group of ECAs. It also could include morning teas, lunches or afternoon teas open and promoted to all ECAs at ANU that are part of an otherwise area-specific event. The funds can be used to, for example, cover the cost of catering and venue hire (but not staff salary) and all financial transactions need to be finalised before the end of the calendar year.

All applications will be assessed by the NECTAR Co-Chairs and staff and a decision will be made within four weeks. If granted, additional sponsorship arrangements specific to the initiative will be negotiated, such as promotion and branding. The applicant will need to submit a brief report no later than one month after the initiative. The report should outline how the funds were used and how the initiative delivered to the key purposes of NECTAR.


If you have any questions, please contact the NECTAR office.