Strategic Planning Meeting 2019


Have your say on how ANU supports ECAs and make a difference through NECTAR in 2019.


Thursday 14 February 2019
11.15am-1.30pm (lunch provided on RSVP)
CHELT Seminar Room, Bld 10T1


NECTAR is an ECA-led initiative, its professional development program and projects are shaped by your needs and ideas. At the Strategic Planning Meeting, NECTAR will decide what workshops NECTAR will offer in 2019 and which topics will shape NECTAR’s conversations within the ECA community and with the University Executive.

If you would like to contribute to the discussion but are unable to attend the meeting, please get in touch with the NECTAR Office or the NECTAR representatives at your College and we will make sure your ideas will be presented at the meeting on your behalf.


Meeting agenda
Part 1 – Welcome (11.15am)
  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Amendments to the agenda?
  3. Brief summary of NECTAR (presented by Sophie Baker, NECTAR Coordinator)
  4. Volunteers have achieved effective change through NECTAR
Part 2 – Goals for NECTAR 2019 (11.30am)
  1. Goals overview
Part 3 – NECTAR strategic planning
  1. 2019 Budget (11.45am)
    • NECTAR base funding and carry-forward
    • Theo Murphy Initiative (Australia) project funds
  2. NECTAR events calendar
    • NECTAR Forum (12pm)
    • Professional development program (12.30pm)
    • Monthly socials
    • End-of-year event
    • Others?
  3. Volunteer recruitment
    • NECTAR Forum - working group
    • Social discussions - working group
    • Funding NECTAR 2020 - working group
    • ECA Guidelines - working group
    • Representation on University Committees/Councils
    • Others?
Part 4 – Conclusions