Upcoming Talk at ANU: Innovation Logic: Six easy steps to innovate product or process and access to the global brain; BIG Patent DATA

ANU welcomes Simon Dewulf, CEO of AULIVE, to speak about Innovation Logic.

Presented by Innovation ANU
When: Thursday 30 June, 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Where: TBC, ANU Campus
Free to register

AULIVE Innovation Logic is based on fifteen years of creativity research, over five hundred innovation projects and the exploration of worldwide BIG Patent DATA. The method and patent analysis software bring speed and efficiency to:

  • R&D innovation and problem solving capability
  • market connection for technology, product or process
  • predictive innovation and technical trend analysis
  • knowledge retainment and technology transfer
  • patent analysis and technology landscaping.

The AULIVE Innovation Logic originated in the nineties from a UK DfEE sponsored project at Imperial College, London, on fostering creativity and innovation in engineering education. With subsequent research years in Ypres and Leuven, Belgium and Bangalore, India, AULIVE designed free inspiration tools at www.aulive.com including an innovation database, a patent analysis tool, and production innovation tool and a creativity test. AULIVE has trained over 1500 researchers in Innovation Logic. Their star research tool PatentInspiration is actively used in universities in San Paulo, Talca, Ohio, Brno and Osaka and companies like GSK, P&G, SKF, CSR, Shell, L’Oréal, SABMiller and Kodak. The patented AULIVE Innovation Logic was awarded the INSEAD Innogator prize in 2010.  Now based in Australia, AULIVE opens an innovation training resort this September on a bush mountain, in Glen Elgin NSW.

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