What is a College Contact?

This is how the role of college contact was first described, in February 2013. 

  • College ‘specific’ – each operating environment is different
  • Comprehensive Contact List
  • ID new ECAs
  • Raising awareness of NECTAR
  • Potential for local events (annual?)
  • Being clear on what NECTAR is – to communicate with your colleagues
  • Connecting with College Executive
  • Communication of key messages to your colleagues … requires updates/feedback from exec etc.
  • College contacts to provide information to each other (not just local colleagues) & working group ‘leaders’.  Concept of “Clearing House”
  • Regular interaction/updates as a group to share information and progress
  • Potentially a recognised title
    • Service component of role.
    • Clarity of role by title
  • Letting your colleagues know how and when to talk to you
    • Website with optional photo
  • Succession planning. Find a replacement?
  • Identify issues of particular relevance in your area and communicate to working group.
  • Attend 1-2 business meetings (Tuesdays) each month