What is a Custodian?

So what exactly is a NECTAR Custodian? This is how the role has been described by those currently serving. Post your comments below, or if you prefer to remain anonymous, email nectar@anu.edu.au and they will be posted for you.

  • Regular attendance at Thursday lunch meetings
  • The NECTAR “Board of Directors”
  • Maintain independence
  • Maintain inclusivity
  • Discuss agenda and make decisions
  • Idea generation (not limited to custodians)
  • Maintain corporate history
    • What is NECTAR?
    • How did it start?
  • Correspondence with those outside NECTAR
  • Liaise with ANU Executive
  • Act responsively eg to exec requests
  • Conduct information sessions in schools
  • Attend ECAP
  • Keep NECTAR alive
  • Succession Planning

One thought on “What is a Custodian?

  1. Submitted by email:
    Suggest for the future that the Nectar advocacy/leadership group be crystallised into something more formal – perhaps with defined ‘officer’ roles – with a tenure of 6 months, to keep ideas fresh, and without the burden of too much workload

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