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16 October 2020

Join the team!

Are you looking for an opportunity to gain leadership skills? Would you like to meet other engaged ECAs and work together to make a difference? NECTAR is currently recruiting NECTAR Custodians to join our working groups. You can join an existing team or take the lead in an area you’re passionate about.

And if you are looking for something that requires a little less time commitment: become part of NECTAR’s network across all schools, centres and institutes through the newly created role of NECTAR School Representative. We are currently looking for ECAs from all areas within ANU who would like to join the School Representatives team.

Ready to join? Submit your expression of interest through this short form or email nectar@anu.edu.au. In your expression of interest, please include a short paragraph on why you would like to become a Custodian and/or School Representative.

Questions? Get in touch!

19 August 2020

New NECTAR Co-Chairs

Congratulations to Mari Kondo (2nd term), Bin Lu, Hieu Nguyen and Kai Zhang, who have been elected NECTAR Co-Chairs! Mari, Bin, Hieu and Kai will lead the network on behalf of all ECAs and give NECTAR a strong voice in academic governance. Learn more about the new Co-Chairs and their visions for NECTAR.

A big thank you to the outgoing Co-Chairs, whose terms have just ended: Siva Karuturi, Ehsan Kheradpezhouh and Sean Perera. Thank you for your contributions and leadership during a particularly challenging time.

17 July 2020

NECTAR Annual General Meeting

Have you ever attended a professional development workshop or social event organised by NECTAR? Have you benefitted from NECTAR and its initiatives?

Show your support for NECTAR by coming to NECTAR's AGM on Tuesday 4 August, 10.30-11.20am. Meeting agenda here.

RSVP here to receive Zoom details or to submit your apology.

14 July 2020

NECTAR Co-Chair nominations now open

NECTAR needs a strong leadership - now more than ever! We are seeking nominations from engaged ECAs to join the NECTAR Co-Chair team.

Find out more about the Co-Chair role and eligibility criteria here. Nominations will close on 2 August.

21 May 2020

NECTAR's 5 people challenge

Restrictions are beginning to ease, and we are slowly returning to campus. But life is still far from being normal, and will be for quite some time.

We would like to encourage you to take a moment and get in touch with 5 people you know; the colleague from the office down the corridor, the student who usually sits in the back of your class, the friend you usually have lunch with in the tearoom. Or maybe you know someone who you think might be at risk of feeling isolated and anxious, such as the colleague who started a new job at ANU just before the lockdown? Reach out to them and find out how they are doing. Sometimes it only takes a few friendly words to bring a smile to someone's face and remind them that we're all in this together.

15 April 2020

NECTAR Co-Chair team back to full strength

Welcome to Ehsan Kheradpezhouh and Mari Kondo who have just joined the NECTAR Co-Chair team. Ehsan and Mari have self-nominated to take on this leadership role as part of the latest recruitment round and are replacing Rebecca Gidley and Youssef Hafiz who have left ANU. You can find out more about Ehsan and Mari and their visions for NECTAR here.

A big thank you to Co-Chair alumni Rebecca and Youssef for their contributions to NECTAR.

20 March 2020

Stronger together

Feeling the impact of these exceptionally challenging times? NECTAR is working on developing ideas and initiatives to support the ECA community at ANU during this crisis.

Starting from next week, we will have an online meeting place to come together and share ideas, fears and stories. And if you are keen to learn a bit more about your fellow ECA's research, join our fortnightly webinar series 'Learning never stops'.

12 February 2020

Non-traditional funding hack and blue-sky brainstorming session

Registrations are now open for two fantastic events on 3 March at University House.

Non-traditional funding hack  – Get an insight into alternative ways to surf the research-funding drought and create meaningful work opportunities other than ARC or NHMRC funding.

Blue-sky brainstorming session – How to 10-fold improve staff development at ANU

More info...

3 February 2020

Applications for the NECTAR Mentoring Program 2020 are now open!


To find out more about the Program and to apply to participate, please click here.

Applications for Mentees will close 1 March 2020. Limited placements available, eligibility criteria apply.

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