NECTAR is the Network for Early Career Teachers, Academics and Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU), an initiative led by and for early-career academics (ECAs). All self-identifying ECAs of ANU are invited to participate in NECTAR activities and initiatives.

NECTAR is dedicated to enabling ECAs to realise their vision by:

  • supporting diverse ECA initiatives
  • providing and promoting opportunities for career development and connectivity via collaborative, cross-College frameworks
  • creating a supportive peer-to-peer space for ECAs at ANU.

The key purposes of NECTAR are:

  1. To develop the ideas and build the confidence of ECAs at ANU.
  2. Working closely with the University to help foster amongst ECAs the required skills and knowledge necessary for a successful future.
  3. To maintain a direct channel of communication with the University Executive. Since 2011, NECTAR has cultivated an open and constructive dialogue with the University Executive to allow ECAs to contribute to shaping the identity of the University and to ensure that the University's strategic goals remain dynamic and relevant.
  4. To foster open communication and collaboration across campus between ECAs and the broader University community, including networking, research collaboration and social activities.

Principally, NECTAR operates thanks to the voluntary participation of engaged ECAs who meet and collaborate on a regular basis to develop and support NECTAR activities and keep the Network alive. These active members of NECTAR are called NECTAR Custodians. The Custodians and the network are led by the NECTAR Co-Chairs, elected ECA representatives.

Within the ANU Colleges, the College Contacts are additional points of contact for all things NECTAR. We aim to ensure representation from all Schools/Centres, have a look at our list of volunteers to check whether your School/Centre is represented.

Crucial to the operation of NECTAR is financial support of the University towards the salary of a Coordinator to facilitate NECTAR's key initiatives and events. In addition, in 2018 and 2019, all ANU Colleges have sponsored NECTAR to deliver a Mentoring Program and provided funds for an additional staff member at NECTAR to support the Program. Learn more about the team in the NECTAR office.

NECTAR is also supported by University House and the University House Early Career Fellows.


How can you get involved?

If you would like to attend NECTAR events, subscribe to the NECTAR Newsletter to learn more about our events and initiatives. Some events require registration.

If you would like to get involved in shaping NECTAR and its activities, and invest your service to the University, by joining the NECTAR Custodians or College Contact, please get in touch with the NECTAR Team or talk to us at one of our events.