NECTAR Custodians

The NECTAR Custodians are the ECA-leadership of NECTAR, they are volunteers who actively participate in the development and delivery of NECTAR initiatives. The Custodian team ensures that NECTAR remains an independent, accessible and supportive space for ECAs who want to make a difference. The team of Custodians is led by the NECTAR Co-Chairs.

The role of the Custodians is to:

  • regularly engage with NECTAR, e.g. attend NECTAR business meetings
  • contribute to the development and delivery of NECTAR initiatives
  • help promote NECTAR initiatives within the ANU Colleges.

The Custodian role is a voluntary role. ECAs can join the Custodian team at any time and for as long as they want, a commitment for at least 6 months is encouraged. Custodians are encouraged to take on the role of School Representative for their local area.

If you would like to join the Custodian team, please contact the NECTAR Office or submit your Expression of Interest here.

College of Arts and Social Sciences

Naomi Hay

ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

School of Art and Design

I am lecturer in the School of Art and Design, College of Arts and Social Sciences, with a research focus on the role of design in strengthening community resilience. Prior to joining ANU I ran a design consultancy and held sessional teaching positions whilst completing my PhD as a single parent. As such I am aware of many of the unique challenges faced by early career researchers and the need for programs such as NECTAR in providing individual mentoring and fostering career development. I hope to bring this experience to supporting ECA’s to excel in their own chosen career paths, whilst strengthening connections across ANU.

Sean Perera

ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Harry Rolf

Centre Manager at the ANU Tech Policy Design Centre

Yujie Zhu

Centre for Museum and Heritage Studies

College of Asia and the Pacific

Amy Carrad

School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), Menzies Centre for Health Governance

Edward Chan

Crawford School of Public Policy; Australian Centre for China in the World

College of Business and Economics

Yuan (Helen) Ping

ANU College of Business and Economics

ANU Research School of Accounting

Helen is currently an Associate Lecturer and PhD candidate at the ANU Research School of Accounting, College of Business and Economics. She had a great experience with the NECTAR Mentoring Program in 2020 and wishes to promote the networking opportunities provided by NECTAR to other early career academics.

Roshis Shrestha

Research School of Management

Tracy (Kun) Wang

Research School of Accounting

College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics

Lachlan Black

School of Engineering

Safiya Okai-Ugbaje

School of Cybernetics

Alireza Rahbari

School of Engineering

Xiaolin (Shannon) Wang

School of Engineering

College of Health and Medicine

Riemke Aggio-Bruce

School of Medicine and Psychology, John Curtin School of Medical Research

Shaam Al Abed - NECTAR Co-Chair

ANU College of Health and Medicine

John Curtin School of Medical Research

My Co-Chair profile...

Xuan Di

ANU College of Health and Medicine

Research School of Psychology

I have some HR experience and worked in non-profit organisation management for some years before deciding to pin my career focus to academia. I have experienced the life of an ECA (PhD candidate) as a mother of two – it's not easy. But it is possible because of people who care for me and look after me. I want to return the favour by making the voice of others heard and finding solutions to make improvements.

Jennifer Ma

ANU College of Health Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Ma is a Suicide Prevention Australia Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Mental Health Research (CMHR). Her research aims to: (1) develop further evidence around the protective factors against suicide; (2) support the development of stakeholder-informed suicide prevention and intervention initiatives, and (3) better facilitate the translation of suicide theory into policy and practice.

Ulrike Schumann

ANU College of Health and Medicine

John Curtin School of Medical Research

For me, NECTAR is a fantastic way to connect to Early Career Researchers and build a support network. I have faced some challenging times and the NECTAR Mentoring program has been crucial for me to come through those. I feel passionate about advocating the opportunities that NECTAR offers and I want to give a voice to Early Career Researchers and help streamline those opportunities.

Nikolay Shirokikh

ANU College of Health and Medicine

John Curtin School of Medical Research

Nikolay is a molecular biologist and NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow at JCSMR and College of Health and Medicine. Appreciative of the challenges but also dynamic and vibrant academic life of Early-Mid Career Researchers (EMCRs), one of Nikolay’s main aims at NECTAR is to enhance existing and create new opportunities for ANU EMCRs

Samantha Stanley

School of Medicine and Psychology

Daniel Enosi Tuipulotu

John Curtin School of Medical Research

College of Law

Faith Gordon

ANU College of Law

Faith is the current EMCR representative on the ANU University Research Committee (URC). this is the only EMCR representative role on the ANU Advisory Board. Faith is keen to represent you in this role so please get in toucH if you have issues or requests for her to raise in the URC. You can also share your insights and ideas here (10min)

Wenting Cheng

ANU College of Law

I am Grand Challenge Research Fellow at the ANU College of Law, working in the multidisciplinary team of ANU Grand Challenge Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific, with a research focus on the role of law and regulation in facilitating the climate and energy transition. I completed my Ph.D. at the ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet) in 2014-2018 as a single parent in half of this period. I had five years of experience working in government agencies before my Ph.D. My experience made me aware of opportunities and challenges for ECRs in research collaboration, parenting, etc., and I am passionate to contribute to the ECR support enabled by NECTAR.

College of Science

Laura Dawes

Centre for Public Awareness of Science

Nuwan Bandara

Research School of Chemistry

Sergey Kruk

Research School of Physics

I am a physicist merging optics with nanotechnology. I am a DECRA Fellow and a Senior Lecturer at the Research School of Physics. I have a diversified research experience from overseas, including USA and Germany. I am thrilled to contribute to the ECA support network provided by the NECTAR.


Charlie Morgan

Research School of Biology

Ana Casas Ramos

Research School of Earth Sciences

Depi Susilawati

Fenner School of Environment and Society

Matt Thompson

ANU College of Science

Research School of Physics

John Noel Viana

Centre for Public Awareness of Science