NECTAR Co-Chairs

In 2018, ECAs at ANU appointed for the first time Co-Chairs as their representatives and leaders of NECTAR.

The Co-Chairs lead the advocacy NECTAR as a representative of the ECAs of ANU as follows:

  • Take a lead in NECTAR governance, particularly in relation to advocating the needs of ECAs.
  • Take turns to act as spokesperson and represent NECTAR at key meetings with the University Executive.
  • In conjunction with NECTAR staff, facilitate and maintain close working relationships between NECTAR and other stakeholders concerned with the welfare of ECAs at ANU.

Rebecca Gidley

ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs

I graduated with my PhD from ANU in 2017 and over the last two years have worked on ten different casual contracts in the College of Asia and the Pacific. I have two priorities as a NECTAR Co-Chair. The first is to promote an understanding of NECTAR’s inclusivity, shaped by my own experiences of casualisation. I think NECTAR is already an inclusive organisation but that not everyone who falls under that inclusive banner is aware of it, particularly if they don’t fit the traditional academic career path. The other is on support for ECAs in HASS disciplines, as in lean times this is often the area that is first to fall by the wayside.

Umme Habiba Hossain

ANU College of Science

Research School of Physics and Engineering

I am a chemist and materials scientist working as a postdoctoral researcher funded by the German research foundation (DFG) in the Department of EME in the Research School of Physics and Engineering. I have been actively involved with NECTAR as a Custodian over the past two years. My main motivation to be a NECTAR Co-Chair is to support NECTAR to make a powerful platform for ECAs and PhD students to advance in their lives and careers.

Claudia Munera Roldan

ANU College of Science

Fenner School of Environment and Society

After two years at ANU as staff and now as a PhD scholar, I have been a NECTAR Custodian for about one year. As a Co-Chair, I want to support NECTAR to meet its goal to provide ECAs and PhD students with a space for dialogue and communication in order to ensure we have a voice to help ANU meet its Strategic Plan.

Mohammad Saadatfar

ANU College of Science

Research School of Physics and Engineering