About the team in the NECTAR office

The work of ECA volunteers of NECTAR, the NECTAR Custodians and College Contacts, is supported by three NECTAR staff members.

Sophie Baker - NECTAR Coordinator

Hi, I am keen to facilitate NECTAR to be the best it can be. I'd like to think any ECA can feel comfortable dropping in to see me at the NECTAR headquarters at building 10T1, for a chat, any time.

Hannah Birke - NECTAR Senior Mentoring Officer

Hi, I'm Hannah. I've spent five years postdoc-ing at CSIRO and ANU, so I know a lot about the challenges facing ECAs. I was lucky and had a lot of support while navigating these challenges. I hope that I will now be able to give back some of that support to the NECTAR community.

Melde Van Ingelgom - NECTAR Administrator

Hi, I’m Melde. I joined the NECTAR office as a casual employee at the end of March 2019. I mostly provide administrative support, but as the partner of an ECA, I take a special interest in the work-life balance of ECAs and their wellbeing in a broader sense.