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Why become a Mentee
  • This 8-month facilitated career-development program is goal-oriented and developed specifically for early-career research and teaching staff at ANU.
  • The evidence-based approach to mentoring used in the program is tailored to the individual needs of the Mentee (Harvey et al, 2017).
  • Evaluation of the program showed that Mentees feel more confident and job satisfied as a result of participating in the program, and achieved tangible outcomes and progressed in their careers.
  • Mentees also reported that participating in the program has given them the opportunity and confidence to build and maintain networks that have already proven valuable to their careers.

“If you haven’t had any mentor before, this program will let you realise how important and beneficial it is to have a mentor, and give you tools to seek and engage with mentors of your own.”

Who can be a Mentee

The ANU NECTAR Mentoring Program is most relevant to academic staff in their first few years working as academics in teaching and/or research roles. Mid-career academics may find the program relevant but are encouraged to participate as mentors. It is possible to participate both as a mentee and mentor.

This program is particularly useful to ECAs who would like to connect with a mentor from a different discipline though same-discipline mentoring relationships are possible. Mentors with non-academic career experience will be available as well.


Eligibility criteria

The following eligibility criteria have been approved by all ANU Colleges.

Mentees will be early-career academics of ANU.
The following staff are eligible to apply to participate as mentees in the ANU NECTAR Mentoring Program:

  • ANU academic staff levels A-C, in teaching and/or research roles
  • Casual sessional academic staff
  • ANU Medical School honorary academics

provided they have a contract/affiliation with ANU for greater than 12 months.

There are limited placements in the program with quotas for the different ANU Colleges. Priority will be given to academic staff. Applications from casual sessional staff and Visiting Fellows will be considered on a case-to-case basis. All applications will be reviewed by endorsed ANU College representatives whose recommendations will be considered by the Mentoring Program Governance Committee, chaired by the Dean of Staff. When selecting successful applications the Governance Committee's decision is final. All applications will be moderated relative to opportunity. Mentees of the previous round of the ANU NECTAR Mentoring Program will gain placements only if available.


What is involved

The ANU NECTAR Mentoring Program is a high-cost program. Mentees must be prepared to participate for the full duration of the 9-month program. It is expected that mentees will continue to participate even if their circumstances change (such as change of job or moving to a different University), e.g. through electronic means.

Mentees are expected to:

  • regularly engage with the program
  • participate in the career development workshops at the beginning, middle and end of the program and be prepared for these workshops by completing the pre-workshop activities
  • regularly meet their mentor for the duration of the program, e.g. monthly, and lead the mentoring relationship, e.g. scheduling meetings and setting agendas
  • participate in the program evaluation.


  • To assist with the matching process, Mentees will be invited to nominate mentors after reviewing the mentor profiles. The matching committee, comprising NECTAR staff and ANU College representatives, will then match mentees with a suitable mentor based on their nominations and needs as a mentee.

It is expected that the total time investment for mentees, who participate in all program events and activities and meet their mentor every month for 7 months, is less than 30 hours over the duration of the 9-month program. For more information please read the Statement of Expectations for Mentees.


How to apply

Placement in the program is strictly limited with quotas for the different ANU Colleges to ensure equity of access. ECAs can apply to become a Mentee by filling out an online application form (links provided on this website). Applications for the 2024 program will open on 8 February 2024 and close on 14 March 2024 at 11 PM. As part of the application process, applicants will be required to confirm that they have read and understood what is involved in participating in the program as a mentee (see above). Applicants will also be given the opportunity to provide a reason why they would like to participate as a mentee in the program (100 words max).

All applications will be considered by the selection committee comprising NECTAR staff, ANU College representatives and the Program Governance Committee. Applications will be moderated relative to opportunity. Successful applicants will be notified in April 2024.

Applications can be withdrawn without providing an explanation by sending an email to by 15 March 2024.


How to withdraw from the Program

If issues occur, Mentees should contact NECTAR staff who will attempt to assist. If the issue cannot be resolved, mentees can formally withdraw from the program provided NECTAR staff have been notified.

Got any questions - get in touch, contact us or come to an Info session.

Apply by 14 March, 11 PM