ANU NECTAR 10 year Anniversary Forum - Full Program
Tuesday 12 October 10am-1pm
On Zoom

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Program in detail:

Part 1: 10-11am - ANU Vice-Chancellor in conversation with ANU Dean of HDR

Join ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt and ANU Dean of Higher Degree Research (HDR) Professor Ann Evans to hear what they think of NECTAR’s last 10 years and discuss its future.
A good opportunity to ask about the new ANU Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and its particular reference to early- and mid-career academics. Discussions on what early-career academics will get in the next four years are underway in the executive, join the discussion.

Part 2: 11-12pm - Being successful in academia today

The pandemic has broken up the research workforce and made a mess of the traditional career pathways especially for people in some equity groups...
Join a discussion on what being successful in academia can look like. How can we lead a better future? What will help in the next four years?

  • Elena Capatina - Early-career researcher at ANU Lecturing in economics, Elena's research delves into the effect of health risks on wage inequality. Elena is a mentor in the ANU NECTAR Mentoring Program.
  • Kaitlin Cook - Recently an ANU PhD Graduate now an Assistant Professor at one of the world’s leading nuclear physics laboratories, Kaitlin is bound to have some top tips on how to make success happen.
  • Catriona Jackson - CEO Chief Executive Universities Australia, leading the peak body who advocate for the value of higher education and university research, Catriona has insight into the high level of how Australia retains research talent.
  • Riccardo Natoli - Not only does Riccardo lead a research group working to understand the retina and develop medical treatments with industry sponsors, he also helps the next generation of vision researchers and is a mentor in the ANU NECTAR Mentoring Program.
  • Discussion facilitator: Harry Rolf – NECTAR Advisor and Policy analyst at the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.
Part 3: 12-1pm – Engaging with people outside of academia: How to use your transferable skills as a researcher?

Panel discussion on how and why you should engage with people outside of academia. How to use your research skills to collaborate with industry and even win funding?

  • David Ireland – Co-Founder and Director of Radian Energy. David has been a researcher and have made the transition to industry. He has focused on building tech-based businesses, designed and run accelerators and incubators for academics to help them turn their ideas into impact. David is a mentor in the ANU NECTAR Mentoring Program.
  • Hanna Kurniawati – Hanna is an Associate Professor with ANU at the School of Computing. Hanna specialises in robust decision making with robotic applications and is also a CI and exec of a major interdisciplinary project “Humanising Machine Intelligence”. Hanna is a mentor in the ANU NECTAR Mentoring Program.
  • Irene Lemon – Irene is a business development manager at CASS and BEC. She specialises in building creative and arts-based ventures so entrepreneurial teams and organisations can embrace innovation, creativity and storytelling.
  • Simone Dennis – Simone is a professor of Anthropology and Associate Dean for Engagement, impact and innovation in CASS. She is a regular industry consultant and specialises in publishing on the conditions under which academics agree to work with industry players, and is a prize-winning author on mentorship.
  • Discussion facilitator: Ian Carter – NECTAR Co-Chair. Ian is a Research Fellow at the Research School of Physics.