Collaboration across Boundaries 2018

More than 50 early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) from 11 Australian universities came together on 4 December for the Collaboration across Boundaries 2018 Conference at ANU, an event supported by the Theo Murphy Initiative (Australia). The conference aimed to create a space where EMCRs from all disciplines could explore opportunities that collaborations can create for their research and career.

A pitch competition and poster exhibition were only two of the highlights of this event. The winners of the pitch and poster competition each won a $3,000 research grant.




Congratulations to the winners of the pitch and poster competition!

Best Pitch and winner of a $3,000 research grant: Caitlin Byrt, The University of Adelaide

Best Poster and winner of a $3,000 research grant: Dominique Van der Saag, The University of Sydney

Outstanding Pitches and Posters: Joshua Chu-Tan, Nilisha Fernando, Ekavi Georgousopoulou and Thilina Ranbaduge; all The Australian National University