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NECTAR headquarters:

Room 1.32, Chancelry Building 10T1, Fellows Road

The Australian National University

Acton ACT 2601

T + 61 2 6125 7165

F + 61 2 6125 4023


NECTAR Coordinator Sophie Baker

NectarCoordinatorSophie Baker

NECTAR Coordinator Sophie Baker

Hi, I last worked for ANU as an RA 10 years ago, after completing my Neuroscience Honours. That was before NECTAR started and I noticed it was tough for Early Career Academics. Since then I’ve been working with ECA and volunteers in other universities and not-for-profits. I am honoured to be back as NECTAR Coordinator and I am keen to facilitate NECTAR to be the best it can be. I’d like to think any ECA can feel comfortable dropping into my office, the NECTAR headquarters at building 10T1, for a chat, any time.

You can also talk to the NECTAR College Contacts near you.


What is NECTAR?

Network of Early Career Teachers Academics and Researchers

NECTAR – ANU’s Early Career Academic Network – is led by a collective of volunteers who create a facilitated space specifically for Early Career Academics (ECA) at The Australian National University. NECTAR is dedicated to enabling ECA to realise their vision, by supporting diverse research and education-led ECA initiatives; fostering opportunities for career development and vision realisation via collaborative, cross-college frameworks, and providing a supportive peer-to-peer space for ECAs working in research and/or education activities at ANU to connect with each other.

The key purposes of NECTAR are:

  1. To develop the ideas and build the confidence of ANU’s Early Career Academics. This includes acquiring some of the required skills and knowledge to lead a successful future.
  2. To maintain a direct channel of communication with the Executive. Since 2011 NECTAR has cultivated an open and constructive dialogue with the Executive to allow ECAs to contribute to shaping the identity of the University and ensure that ANU’s strategic goals remain dynamic and relevant.
  3. To foster open communication and collaboration across campus between ECAs and also the broader university community, including networking, research collaboration and socialisation activities.

Principally, NECTAR operates thanks to the voluntary participation of engaged ECAs who meet and collaborate on a regular basis to develop and support the activities of NECTAR and keep the network alive. Crucial to the operation of NECTAR is financial support of the University towards the salary of a Coordinator and to facilitate NECTAR’s key initiatives and activities.

How can you get involved?

Get in touch with the NECTAR Coordinator and come along to one of the regular meetings.

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